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Find out more about you


Q1. What word best describes your family financial background when you were growing up?
Q2. How would you describe your parents approach to money back then?
Q3. Did you ever feel that your family's financial circumstances differed to others around you
Q4. Do you feel you learned how to manage money when you were young


Q1. How do you feel about your current financial circumstances
Q2. Whats the main reason for your current financial position, in your opinion
Q3. How often do your financial circumstances keep you awake at night
Q4. How do you think your finances compare to your peer group (friends, colleagues)


Q1. If you close your eyes, can you see your 'future self' 20 years into the future?
Q2. If you think about that person (i.e. future you), do you feel
Q3. How will 'future you' look back on this time in your life?
Q4. What do you think future you wants present you to do
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