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Become a Better Spender

Become a Better Spender

Hi, Ross here.

In my years working with clients, I’ve realised that the secret to having a great relationship with money is knowing how to spend it. This is true no matter how much money you have.

Money is a tool – meant to be used. The primary way we use it is through spending. Long before we learn to save or invest, we learn to spend. The problem is we are really bad at spending. We do it multiple times a day and each time we either do it unconsciously, or we feel bad about it after the fact. Neither of these outcomes is helpful.

Imagine you had a long-time friend that you see multiple times a day. Every time you interact with them, you feel bad about yourself. You try to ignore them but it’s impossible because you run into them every day. This is how our relationship with money works.

  • The first thing we learned to do with money was…spend it.
  • The thing we do most often with money is…spend it.

No wonder we have a dysfunctional relationship with money.


How we got here

Everything we are taught about spending money is negative.

  • “Don't be a spendthrift.”
  • “Don't blow the budget.” 
  • “You have so much you don’t need to think about it”
  • “Don’t waste money on your morning coffee.” 
  • “Why do you spend so much?”

Negative. Ignore. Negative. No wonder we feel shame, blame, or indifference about how we spend our money. 


Developing a better relationship with money

Creating more alignment in our use of money starts with becoming the best spenders in the world. We should be GREAT at spending…and that takes practice. For the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing what I’ve noticed about spending. There will be tips and tricks of course, but they do no good unless we get our mindset in the right place. Think of it as ‘spending practice’!

To learn more about how your financial behaviours are shaped, take our MoneyValues Assessment Here 




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