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Our ''First'' Blog

Our ''First'' Blog

  • Thursday 30 May 2019

As someone who has been writing blogs and creating content for a number of years now, it feels a bit strange to be writing what is effectively a ‘First Draft’ for our new website. However with the launch of Curran Futures and our fantastic new website, I do feel it’s important to introduce, or reintroduce myself!


When we decided to create Curran Futures, or rather evolve from Curran Financial Services, we knew that one of the most important factors for our clients and wider public was to identify clear, measurable deliverables. This is because financial advice can, unfortunately, be viewed with some scepticism. At one end people often see it as purely a sales tool – wrapping lovely graphs and figures around a product that you need to buy. At the other end it can often be seen as a little ‘fluffy’ – talking around people’s circumstances without leading to positive actions. 

So, with that in mind, we’ve identified three key deliverables that our clients will receive:

  • Wealth Creation
  • Scenario Planning
  • Education

The first two of these come through our Financial Planning exercise and the subsequent actions that are implemented. They are unambiguous and, thankfully, measurable, so our impact on our client’s financial life can be assessed.


Education is a different issue however. From our experience, the greatest barrier to the best Financial Future for you is fear. Fear manifests itself to varying degrees – worry, concern, inertia and hesitancy are all traits that come from that source and have a material impact on your relationship with your money. This fear tends to be driven by longstanding behaviours and belief systems, which we seek to address, but also by a lack of knowledge.


It is not expected that our clients will know everything there is to know about Financial Planning, investing and other important components of money management. If you did then we wouldn’t have a role! However by taking down the veil that hangs over much of the world of Finance, we do believe you will be better equipped to make decisions that will help you reach your life goals.


For the clients that engage with us, that means bringing relevant and timely information to you every time we meet. It also means creating content that is informative and interesting. On a weekly basis we’ll be posting videos on different topics, with a more in-depth written blog to accompany it. We hope to create a community of people who want to learn more about their money and look forward to speaking with you in one way or another.

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