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Realising Your Best Financial Future

Realising Your Best Financial Future

  • Thursday 10 October 2019



On Wednesday last we were delighted to deliver our message of Financial Empowerment to a large and engaged audience when Ross presented ‘Realising Your Best Financial Future’ to the employees at Matheson. Based in Dublin, Matheson are the law firm of choice for international companies and financial institutions doing business in and through Ireland. 



Rather than simply present on financial products and services as might have been expected (especially considering Budget 2019 was only introduced the day before) Ross took the audience on a journey through their childhood (by speaking about his own gorgeous daughter Sophia!), current circumstances and to a future they may not even be able to imagine yet. 

The audience provided great feedback during and after the talk, with some excellent questions asked.

Some key practical takeaways were:

- Always take up membership of your employer pension scheme, especially where they are willing to match your own contributions.

- Aim for zero in your current account at the end of the month. No, not by spending everything, but by putting your savings aside first.

- Standing Orders are the most powerful financial tool we have. Use them....



A huge thank you to Jane McKeever, Lyn Barry, Simon Shinkwin, Niall Crowley and all the team on the Diversity & Inclusion committee in Matheson. More companies should support their staff across all aspects of their lives, not just those directly involved with their job, and we were glad to help in whatever way we can.


If you would like for Ross to present to your workforce just get in touch. We promise an enjoyable, thought provoking session, as the audience on Wednesday can confirm. 


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