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Spending on What’s Important

Spending on What’s Important

  • Friday 02 February 2024

At its core, Financial Planning is about the alignment of capital with purpose.

In the past, capital was assumed to just mean money, but over time we’ve learned to expand on that concept. As we explain it to our clients:


Using this wider perspective, aligning capital with purpose now requires a more nuanced approach. It’s not simply about having ‘enough money’ to do something – we know plenty of wealthy individuals who could do what they want but haven’t sufficient capital in other areas to do so.


This is why we ask about purpose:

Here are two ways to illustrate what I mean (with thanks to the NY Times author Carl Richards for the drawings):

1. All humans crave a sense of purpose and, more importantly, a belief that we are aligning our use of capital (time, money, energy, attention) with that purpose.

Two things are happening in this never-ending process:

  1. Discovering, Refining & Changing your purpose over time
  2. Aligning your capital to this purpose. Each day. Each transaction. It is a practice.

2. How to turn your Money into Meaning.

You have the money...now what?

Is that what it was all for? Numbers on a balance sheet.

Of course not.

The money is just a tool to make meaning. For yourself, your family, your community, and the world.


In a world where ‘getting rich’ for the sake of it is promoted as a noble ambition, we ask our clients to step away from that narrative. To ask WHY.


If you would like help in turning your money into meaning, get in touch today. We have tailored Financial Planning programmes carefully designed for this 'purpose'. 


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