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Maximise the potential of your group schemes, get expert advice on tax efficient opportunities and develop Business Succession and Company Exit Strategies.

Do you need a trusted, fee based financial advisor that can help your business choose the best financial solutions for its circumstances?

While no two individuals are the same, neither are two businesses. We treat our corporate clients in the same way we treat our individual clients – by first understanding them, their unique circumstances, their history and their goals and aspirations.

We work alongside companies large and small as a trusted advisor and an integral part of their business team. Our focus is to make sure that you achieve your business goals, protect your business and maximise your tax reliefs. We help develop an overarching strategy and plot your business journey, to find unique solutions that best achieve your objectives.

  • Company Exit Strategies

    You work hard to build a successful and highly profitable company. But then what? What do you do with all those assets that you’ve accumulated? We work with company directors to develop a strategy and plot out their journeys, considering:

    • Re-investment strategies
    • Maximising pension contributions
    • Tax-efficient exit opportunities
  • Group Schemes
    We’ll also work with you to provide a range of employee benefits and choose the best scheme and mix of benefits for them including Group Pension Schemes, Group Life Assurance Cover, Group Income Protection and Death in Service Plans.
  • Succession Planning
    Often, one of the most overlooked aspects for business is protecting the business itself from the loss of a key person whose knowledge is vital to the continues financial success of the company. This can take the form of:

    • Co-Director Insurance which can pay out a lump sum to purchase back shares in the event of a loss of a director, to maintain company control
    • Partnership Insurance which can again pay out a lump tum to protect the company and ensure that the deceased partner’s family can be compensated for their share
    • Key Person Insurance which can pay out a lump sum for any financial loss incurred as a result of losing a key person from the business.

    If you want to develop a Financial Plan for your company and plot its journey towards a better financial future, we can give you the clear, expert and unbiased advice you need to make the right choices for its unique circumstances.

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