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At Curran Futures, our mandate is to show you your best possible future and guide you towards that point through smart, bespoke financial planning.

Our aim is to transform behaviours, attitudes and actions which may prevent you from achieving your goals.  Ultimately we work with you to alter behaviours over time so they align with your genuine aspirations.


Your future is dependent on far more than the financial decisions you make. 

Our planet and everyone on it is looking at a future of uncertainty and worry unless we take action in a meaningful way. Commercial business has a responsibility to minimise its impact on the environment and do what it can to make society more equal and positive. To that effect, Curran Futures are committed to the following:


  • We promise to seek long-term viable investments for our clients that either have a directly positive impact on the environment or at least a neutral effect
  • At a global fund level we offer a wide range of sustainable options, where the focus is only on companies which subscribe to ethical & environmentally friendly business practices. Other funds we office simply avoid companies whose product or service has a negative impact on society and/or ecology 
  • We have extensive experience investing in new technologies that are environmentally focused – Wind, Solar, Biomass and many others are part of our core portfolios
  • Some of our property funds operate in the renovative space – using existing sites and buildings rather than new developments



  • We are committed to reducing waste in our business by moving to paperless systems, including all internal filing and client forms
  • We source the energy driving our business from renewable sources where possible, offsetting our carbon impact by donating to organisations fighting climate change
  • Our fundraising and charity work focuses on two areas;  

1. Environmental & Climate Work

2. Education & Opportunity  


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