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We are Ireland’s most innovative, client-focused, premium financial planning firm.

Our role is to give you the best possible financial advice and mentoring services available. Our approach assures you of honest engagement from the outset, true assessment of your finances and expert tailored advice.

 We are a trusted guide for your present and a strong advocate for your Future self.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide you towards the life and future you aspire to by redefining what’s possible with personal, expert financial planning and mentoring.

Our Values


We start by listening to you - to understand your financial past, current circumstances and future aspirations – so we can empower you to start your journey with confidence.

Your Journey

We are an advocate for your Future Self and Current Self. Our Financial Planning Programme creates a solid foundation to build a more successful financial future.

Your Future

Every step on the path to your ideal Financial Future is important. Our role is to show you how far you have travelled and what still lies ahead.

Meet the Team

Ross Curran
Ross Curran CEO
Karen Sheridan
Karen Sheridan Operations Manager
Louise Hodgins
Louise Hodgins Financial Planner
Gary Browne
Gary Browne Portfolio Analyst
Sally Synott
Sally Synott Administrator

Curran Futures has been guiding my financial planning for the best part of ten years now, with very positive results. Their experienced professional assistance has been paramount in advising on my retirement planning in particular.  Their consideration towards investment risk, for someone in their early sixties, is comforting for my wife and I and has afforded us the opportunity to look forward to a well-balanced life after work.  

Whether we’re discussing a mortgage refinance, insurance investments, tax advice, emergency funds etc., Curran Futures are in  a very strong position to offer personal advice or immediately recommend reputable professionals, with a proven track record, known to them.  

I would not hesitation in recommending Curran Futures for safe, reliable and professional financial advice. They’re ability to forge good working relationships with investment managers and/or mutual fund providers is excellent and they’re understanding of the ever changing market in financial products, tax laws and strategies for personal financial management, with a specific emphasis on retirement planning, is exemplary.’ 


'We first came to Curran Futures with little certainty as to whether we were saving adequately to provide financial security for our young family and a pension for our retirement.  Ross and his team thoroughly analysed our finances over a series of personal meetings, subsequently providing expert recommendations for long-term investments for our pension, lower-risk educational savings, rainy day savings, and necessary insurance coverage.  This overhaul has given us huge peace of mind in knowing that we are maximising our finances and safeguarding our future financial security. Ross and his team have always been readily available, with regular reviews allowing us to adjust our savings, investments and insurance in light of any changes in our circumstances. With juggling a busy life, we highly value having a trusted, friendly and professional service to turn to for an expert opinion on all our financial matters'.


‘Trust is the essence of independent financial investment advice for the client. Curran Futures
have been advising us for over a decade, and in that period, have consolidated our previously
disparate investments into a simplified portfolio platform, easily rebalanced, and
commensurate with our retirement objectives. Ross Curran, as our advisor, is hands on,
knowledgeable, personable, and efficient in expediting bespoke investment strategy. He is
ably assisted by Louise Hodgins on the administration side, who is responsive to queries, and
brings a reassuring familiarity to all client interactions.’


‘Since we first engaged with Curran Futures over two years ago, they have met and surpassed our expectations of working with financial advisors. They take their time to really know their clients which gives us every confidence that not just our financial goals are well understood but also our comfort level. Curran Futures regularly provides updates and have always been available to answer any questions or to explain options within our portfolio. Transitioning into retirement has been much easier thanks to Ross and the team's guidance.’


‘I have worked with Curran Futures for a number of years now and, as someone with a reasonable knowledge and interest in investing, I have found them to be a valuable partner when it comes to managing my money. I like that they have a single, simple investment philosophy that puts efficient market access at the centre of everything they recommend. Ross and his team has shown to have a high degree of knowledge around all aspects of investing, and broader financial planning, under which any investment strategy is based. They are readily available to meet and discuss my money when appropriate and are as happy to converse on the details of my portfolio as on larger macroeconomic issues. For a firm of this size I find the administration of the portfolio to be efficient and friendly, and I have been happy to recommend Curran Futures to close friends and family, which is the best testimonial one can give’


‘I first met with Ross and the team when we happened to be advising a mutual client – him on pension issues and myself on tax and accounting matters. I was immediately impressed by the depth of his knowledge and the excellent relationship he had developed with this client in such a short space of time. Since then we have worked together consistently, offering business owners and other individuals a comprehensive financial service that incorporates both our core offerings. Sitting with Ross at many initial meetings has allowed me to see how he presents his business to them, always in a professional, patient manner and with absolutely no sales pressure at all. This is a contrast to many other ‘Financial Advisors’ I have dealt with in the past.  The feedback I receive from the clients Curran Futures takes on is always positive, and their  financial planning process (which I have undergone myself) really allows clients to take a more holistic view of their financial lives, which is something that helps me also when I am planning their tax future. I have no hesitation in recommending Curran Futures and look forward to working with them for many more years.’

Managing Director, CO DUBLIN

Curran Futures listened to our needs and what we wanted to achieve.  They  provided us with unambiguous advice, working with us to create a workable plan to achieve our aims.


‘Curran Futures has been working with me in a personal capacity for a number of years now, providing excellent, independent advice on my finances and making recommendations about how best to manage my money and invest personal & pension funds. The level of service offered by Curran Futures is second to none and their expertise is clear to see in the advice they provide, as it covers everything from cash-flow management, tax issues, goal setting and detailed investment analysis. As our firm regularly comes into contact with businesses and business owners who need advice beyond our remit, we are more than happy to refer them to Curran Futures to have their personal financial requirements taken care of. The feedback we receive from these clients is uniformly positive and we will continue to use them into the future’



‘As a tax advisor, I tend to have a close working relationship with my clients’ financial advisors.  The level of service Curran Futures provides is second to none, from what I’ve experienced both in my own dealings with this firm and also hearing client feedback.  What’s different about Ross is that he takes a very personal, targeted approach to advising clients.  He genuinely thinks about what would suit a client rather than roll out a range of product for the sake of it.  He also is at pains to make sure the client understands what he’s proposing and the rationale behind his advice.  When appropriate, he challenges conventional wisdom and thought processes, all in the best interests of putting an appropriate strategy in place for a client.  His enthusiasm for what he does is brilliant.  He’s big into new ideas, technology and other innovative, modern means of advising and communicating with clients.  What’s also different about him is his general knowledge of other issues, such as legal and tax.  He ensures that the financial plans he develops are also practical and tax efficient, and he knows when to refer clients for professional advice in any given set of circumstances.’ 


‘I was referred to Curran Futures by a family member who had used his services previously. My husband and I needed advice regarding a number of pensions we had from various employments over the years. We needed to bring them all together and also get advice on planning for our retirement within the next 5 years.

From the outset, Ross came across as being an expert in this field. He assisted in gathering all the information we required and advised on the best options, some we would never have thought of, for investing for the future. He also saved us money on the fees we were paying to our current providers. Ross met with us and produced a very easy to follow presentation with graphics that made things much more visual and easy to understand.

While being very professional at all times, Ross has an easy-going manner and at no time did we feel under pressure to do what he was suggesting. He gave us the advice and space to think about it and make our own decisions.

We are very happy to have Ross as our financial advisor and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for financial planning or pension advice.’


‘The initial financial review with Curran Futures was quite an eyeopener. The fact that they spent a considerable amount of time trying to elaborate our life goals rather than to sell us products was very refreshing. It was obvious Ross has a deep understanding of the various investment strategies we discussed but still he did not shy away from investigating the details we queried. We found his advice very sound and we've developed a level of trust that has meant we have recommended Curran Futures to others. The team were responsive and flexible when it came to implementing our plan. Overall it felt like starting a long-term relationship which we hope will see our continued financial health for years to come.’


‘Curran Futures provided us with a comprehensive service when we approached them for financial advice. With both of us retired and with a lump sum to invest, it was critically important that we felt comfortable and as ease discussing our finances. Curran Futures achieved this and over the course of a number of meetings, Ross and the team completed a detailed analysis of our financial position but most importantly was able to look at our profile going forward for a number of years. Ross then presented us with an investment portfolio which to-date has performed extremely well in terms of capital appreciation and also from a dividend perspective, which points to his expertise, particularly in the current environment.  Overall I can say that we were extremely satisfied with the level of service, the detailed planning and the choice of investments.’ 


‘My wife and I have used Curran Futures as our financial advisors for the last number of years. During that time we have found them a pleasure to deal with. Impartial information and advice on pensions etc. was given in an easy to understand way. Questions answered and instructions followed up promptly. It is a pleasure to do business with them.’


‘We have been partnering with Curran Futures and working closely with Ross and the team for financial planning and investment advice since 2010.  We genuinely see this as a partnership. Ross has a very consultative approach understanding our financial goals, he really listens to our needs, alleviates any concerns we might have, works with integrity, is proactive and gives regular updates.  We have peace of mind at all times that our investments are being monitored, measured and overseen appropriately.   Ross and his team have an outstanding level of knowledge and no query is too small.  We have a genuine confidence in their ability, his staff is very customer service focused and available for any queries we might have.’


'I've been working with Curran Futures since 2019 and can highly recommend their financial planning services. The team is highly professional, data driven, and very personalized. You don't feel like a number but get individualized service and a very responsive team that will proactively adapt to changing life goals'

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